5 Pictures Every Guy Should Have On His Dating App Profile

5 pictures every guy should have on his dating app profile

Regardless of what Dating App you use your main profile picture is the first one a woman will see. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Phoenix or Scottsdale or wherever, It can make the difference between women clicking on your profile to learn more about you or moving on never to return. Here are 5 pictures every guy should have on his dating app profile.

  1. A picture that shows you in clear lighting. And not one from 5 years ago and no sun glasses. Natural lighting outdoors is best. It may take a couple of tries but you’ll get a good one if you keep at it. This is a simple but really effective way to get more attention because you’re being real and natural. And the picture should be just you, no pets, sports equipment or anyone else. Keep your shirt on and no sunglasses.
  1. Be sure to take at least one, if not all of them smiling. You might think those guys who master the brooding, mysterious selfies get more women, but honestly, they can look pretty ridiculous. And don’t forget, women may think you’re not smiling because you have bad teeth. You’re trying to look happy. Most people’s faces light up when they smile and you show women that you’re not temperamental.
  1. A picture that reflects a little about what your life is like. Women want to see that you’re excited about your life and have some things that interest you. Pet pictures are great, if you happen to be a pet lover. No pictures of cars or boats, you’ll look like you’re just trying to show off. Women want genuine men. If you like to travel, some cool destinations (with you in the picture) may appeal to certain women.
  1. A picture that includes important people in your life. Avoid those pictures of you standing with an ex-girlfriend whose body you’ve conveniently cropped out, leaving just a hand around your neck. Instead, include a picture of yourself with your family or friends. It works in your favor to show women that you’re loved and can maintain relationships other than romantic ones.
  1. A recent picture. Please, only have recent pictures on your dating profile. It’s the #1 complaint women have is, “he was 10 years older” or “30 pounds heavier”. No one likes being catfished, If you’re posting pictures from 10 years ago, you’re just sabotaging your chances because when someone meets you in person, they’re going to see the difference. Being yourself right from the start will show that you’ve got nothing to hide.

If you follow this advice of the 5 pictures every guy should have on his dating app profile you’ll improve your changes of having a second and maybe even more dates.