Phoenix Singles And Industry Experts Love the Cove Dating App

After a huge turnout at the June 22 Cove Dating App launch party, held at Wrigley Mansion, the word is definitely out. There is no question that Phoenix singles and industry experts love the Cove Dating App.

Beyond the growth in signups in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas, there are more industry experts saying great things. Men’s Dating Coach Emyli Lovz, calls Cove “One of the best new dating apps of the year”.

The Cove Dating App has also been given kudos from the well-respected dating and relationship blog, My One Amor. A recent article about the Phoenix dating scene, said “the Cove Dating App’s “pre-date” 7-day method looks like they may have found something that really sets them apart from the crowd”.

But what also sets Cove apart from other online dating services or apps in Phoenix is the charitable mission. The Cove Dating App has pledged up to $50,000 to Phoenix pet rescue charity, Almost There Foster Care. New users of the Cove Dating App can sign up using promo code “ATFC” and have $15 pledged to the charity.

Phoenix is a unique area as it has quietly become the 5th largest city in the U.S. overtaking Philadelphia in 2017.

Despite its growth, Phoenix dating options can be limited to speed dating events or bars. So this makes the Cove Dating App a welcome change and must try for any singles.

Different from other national dating apps, Cove can save you time and definitely reduce the risk of being catfished. For many who have tried other dating apps, only to find them like a frustrating full-time job, Cove is fun and innovative.

If you’re single and are having trouble finding someone, its time to meet in the cove.

Available for both IOS or Android. Download below.

Find out for yourself why Phoenix singles and industry experts love the Cove Dating App.


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