Cove Dating App Launch Party Event Helps Local Phoenix Pet Charity

Cove Dating App launch party event helps local Phoenix pet charity

The Cove Dating App (#meetinthecove) officially launched at Wrigley Mansion on June 22nd with an event called Love and Puppies. The Cove Dating App launch party event helps local Phoenix pet charity, Almost There Foster Care.

The event was a big success with everyone in attendance, including the puppies. A big part of the success was due to some great promotion efforts and coverage by the local media, including FOX 10. A number of lucky singles who joined Cove prior to the event received free tickets valued at $100.

Cove’s Founder, Charles Messow was in attendance at the event along with lots of very attractive single men and ladies.

What made the Cove Dating App official launch event unique is that was the best of both worlds, meet Phoenix singles and help charity. Oh, and if you’re a dog lover, you got a great photo op with puppies and chance to adopt one too.

What did people say about Cove and the event ?

Here are some comments from Google on the day of the event (June 22, 2019):

About the event: Melody Hendricks, “Love it! Excellent event benefiting an animal shelter

About Cove Dating App: Laura Oropeza, “Love that’s it’s so intentional!”

If you missed the event and still want to help the puppies, no worries, you can join Cove and use Promo Code ATFC and $15 will be donated to the charity.

Or if you are single and want a meaningful innovative way to meet, you need to try the Cove Dating App. says Cove may make other dating apps “obsolete” and says guaranteed ladies “don’t waste time”.

The message here is if what you’ve tried hasn’t worked, then maybe its time to meet in the cove.

And, one of the questions everyone heard at the event was, “when is the next event ?” Stay tuned for that.

The Cove Dating App is available on both iTunes (for iPhones) and the Google Play Store (for Android).

Cove Dating App launch party event helps local Phoenix pet charity


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Phoenix Dating Service Is Changing The Game For Singles Seeking Love

Phoenix dating service is changing the game for singles seeking love

On April 12th a new innovative dating app was launched in the area. This Phoenix dating service is changing the game for singles seeking love. Its called Cove and users are loving it.

The Cove Dating App was officially rolled out at the VIVA Valley of the Sun Active 20-30 Club’s fund-raising event.

What is unique is Cove “promises its users a ‘Pre-Date’ experience unlike any other”

As to why the excitement in the Phoenix market, Cove Founder Charles Messow explains, “Phoenix was the top choice of our launch as data suggests higher levels of dissatisfaction with online dating here, particularly with women, relative to other markets..”

How does it work ?

Basically, you have 72 hours to accept a match, with either party (man or woman) being able to make the first move. You and your match then have 7 days to move through 3 different levels of communication:

  • Text
  • Audio
  • Video

Of course, you can communicate off line or meet in person if you want. But many users are enjoying ‘pre-date’ experience. Using this 3-tier approach from right in the Cove platform, you can really see how well you connect with someone before having a potentially bad first date.

One of the biggest complaints of online dating in general is the time commitment, the Cove Dating App certainly seems to solve that by its unique approach.

And there is some science to this. According to research presented at the recent iDate Dating Industry Conference held in Del Ray Beach, Florida, Cove creates 6 times more engagement than their competitors.

As one user noted on iTunes:

“I have only been using the app for a little while but really enjoy it. I like getting rewards. It makes dating fun. I hate dating sites, you swipe and send messages and nothing. I actually look forward to logging on to this one. The other things is the coaches. You can find someone to listen or help with you needs. I think that is the best part. Being so busy with work finding someone to work with my schedule is tough. Now I have them at my finger tips just a text away. Looking forward to all good things ☺️”

Find out why this Phoenix dating service is changing the game for singles seeking love.


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